Root River State Bank: Your Community Bank For Generations
The oldest bank in Minnesota
Established 1856

Root River State Bank
18 SE 3rd St.
P.O. Box 517
Chatfield, MN 55923
(507) 867-4120

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Internet Security Tips

  1. Root River State Bank will never contact you by email to update your personal information. Never share personal or confidential information via e-mail.

  2. Do not open unexpected attachments even if they come from individuals or places that you trust.

  3. Always remember to log off and close your browser after using secure sites such as Internet Banking.

  4. Turn-off the feature on your browser that allows passwords to be saved.

  5. Regularly update your antivirus and anti-spyware software along with any other computer updates.

  6. Do not use a public computer for confidential transactions such as Internet Banking.

  7. Do not click on links in e-mail messages. Instead, type in the known address of the site into your browser, and locate the content from there.

  8. Regularly review all bank statements and credit card statements immediately after you receive them to make sure all transactions are legitimate. If you have online access to your accounts, review them regularly.

  9. If using Microsoft Outlook to read e-mail, turn off the preview pane for all e-mail folders. The Preview Pane opens the e-mail and could execute a virus unintentionally.

  10. Only communicate confidential information such as account numbers or credit card numbers via telephone or secure website if YOU initiate the contact.

  11. Beware of “Phishing”: Computer hackers that use email to fish the internet hoping to get you to give them confidential information or logins. These “Phishers” impersonate a legitimate company to try to get you to go to a special website to update your account information. However, the website is fictitious and they use it to steal you confidential information.
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