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You will need a Root River State Bank deposit or loan account, Internet access and a browser with the proper encryption capabilities to bank online. For security purposes, your Internet Banking ID and PIN (personal identification number) instructions will be mailed to you if you do not apply in person.
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PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING: By signing below, applicant acknowledges receipt of the Internet Banking & Bill Pay Agreement and Disclosure Statement, and agrees to the terms of this agreement, and acknowledges receipt of the Federal Electronic Transfer Act Disclosure.* Customer(s) agree(s) that account security is controlled by the Internet Banking ID assigned by the Bank, and the PIN chosen and entered by the customer(s). The customer(s) will protect the PIN and hold the bank harmless from unauthorized use. Any information downloaded by the customer(s) becomes the property and responsibility of the customer(s). I certify that the information given here is true and correct. I warranty that I have the authority to execute this application and to access each account(s) identified at this application.

* You received the Agreement and Disclosure for Electronic Fund Transfers and Automated Teller Cards when you received your account. Please call (507) 867-4120 if you would like another copy
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